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No doubt actress Zhang Ziyi - and many mainland internet users - were surprised when her boyfriend rock star Wang Feng used a drone to deliver a diamond engagement ring, but he wasn't the first to use the technology to make a proposal.

Wang's friends suggested using a DJI drone for the delivery, although the Shenzhen-based company was not consulted in the set-up or execution of his proposal, Perry said.Needless to say, DJI has gained a lot of publicity from the event.The company's store on e-commerce website Tmall added a description to the Phantom 2 Vision+ model as "Same style that Wang Feng used".But using a drone to deliver an engagement ring does little to show off the power of the technology, which is finding an increasing range of uses, from delivering packages to assessing damage and searching for survivors in inaccessible areas following natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in late 2013.The mainland has cautiously embraced personal drones as a new consumer technology.

Last week e-commerce giant Alibaba announced it had begun a trial programme for drone deliveries.When the rumor broke that Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi had been paid for sex with disgraced Communist Party strongman Bo Xilai, the story grabbed headlines around the world.But in China, where many believe that liaisons like this are just part of doing business, few eyebrows were raised by the allegations.An angry Zhang, 33, was quick to deny the rumors that she’d had sex more than 10 times with Bo between 20 for million each time.Industry sources have also expressed doubts about the news, saying that the wealthy actress, who has starred in a number of Chinese and foreign blockbusters, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour, and Memoirs of a Geisha, would have little need to trade her body for cash.Her latest movie, interestingly named Dangerous Liaisons, had its world preview at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, but Zhang failed to appear, leading to speculation that she is under investigation in the Bo case and so couldn’t leave China.