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Written by Aaron Helman GET PDF OF THIS BLOG POST Communicating with teenagers can be a significant challenge.

Many of them don’t make phone calls, check email, or even understand the function of the mailbox that sits out by their curb.

Facebook messages are spotty, and Twitter Direct Messages are a communication mess.

GET PDF OF THIS BLOG POST HERE Maybe you’ve gotten that late afternoon text message before, just a few hours before your midweek program is ready to get started: Can’t come to youth group the next two weeks. Anytime is the right time to make decisions and build habits that will make a healthier YOU and consequently a healthier youth ministry.I’ve talked with hundreds of youth workers over […] New Year’s Youth Group Lesson DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS LESSON Bible: Deuteronomy 6:1–12; ; Gen.12:7–8; 13:3–4; Psalm 105:1–5 Bottom Line: Reflect on what God has done last year in your life. Today we’re going to start off the new year by reflecting on what God has done in your life over the last year.Let’s read a story about the […] Here’s a fun youth group game called “The Human Christmas Tree”.This game is a perfect add on to an upcoming Christmas event or service.

In addition to having tons of fun the game includes a quick lesson, based on Psalm 150:1-6, driving home this point: We should celebrate Jesus and all that He has done for us all year long, not just during Christmas! At best, it’s a recipe for several weeks of awkward interactions, showboating, repressed emotions, and a broken social dynamic within your group.Before you dive into the lesson […] GET PDF OF THIS BLOG POST It’s one of the most yucky things that any youth worker gets to navigate. At worst, the pain and […] You’re a busy youth ministry leader. We often think the key to getting more done in ministry is to work more.Two of the students in your youth group are dating. However, that’s a recipe for burnout if you over do it. You can actually get more done working less…you work smart. More specifically, we discuss: How to be more […] Here’s an awesome, yet unconventional, youth group lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit.But before you dive into the lesson, here’s a quick story…A couple of months ago I was driving my car on a two lane road, each lane going in the opposite direction. He repeatedly honked his horn and yelled at me (actually I just assume he was yelling because in […] Written by Aaron Helman GET PDF OF THIS BLOG POST We’re entering one of the most difficult times to be in youth ministry, or really, any ministry within the local church.Advent is supposed to be a season filled with joy and peace and all of those things that we’re wrecking ourselves with stress and overwork trying to write sermons about.