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Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. It is no secret that many celebrities have been caught with illegal drugs in the past. Do you think that Ryosuke Yamada does smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuhana?We don't know for a fact whether Ryosuke Yamada is gay, bisexual or straight. Or does Ryosuke Yamada do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin? 3% of the voters think that Ryosuke Yamada does do drugs regularly, 6% assume that Ryosuke Yamada does take drugs recreationally and 91% are convinced that Ryosuke Yamada has never tried drugs before.

According to various sources, Ryosuke Yamada's net worth has grown significantly in 2016. If you have current knowledge about Ryosuke Yamada's net worth, please feel free to share the information below.

Ryosuke Yamada's net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately 3478416 in 2016, according to the users of vipfaq.

The estimated net worth includes stocks, properties, and luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes.

Ryôsuke Yamada was born on May 9, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan.

He is an actor, known for Kindaichi shônen no jikenbo: Hong Kong Kowloon zaihô satsujin jiken (2013), Kindaichi shônen no Jikenbo: Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken (2014) and Hagane no renkinjutsushi (2017).

"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and creators D. Weiss and David Benioff sat down with "IMDb LIVE After the Emmys" hosts Dave Karger and Jill Kargman to drop details about their epic night.Ryosuke Yamada is a Japanese actor singer dancer songwriter and a member of two Japanese boy bands Hey! Blue and Blue-Green are Ryosuke Yamada's lucky colors. After launching his music career in 2007 as a member of boy band Hey! JUMP he released his number one debut solo single Mystery Virgin in 2013. Therefore, lucky days are Fridays and Mondays and lucky numbers are: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51. Yamada came to prominence as a teen idol in 2007 following his role in a Japanese television series Tantei Gakuen Q.Typical positive character traits of Taurus include: Practicality, Artistic bent of mind, Stability and Trustworthiness.Negative character traits could be: Laziness, Stubbornness, Prejudice and Possessiveness.