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if you do, that would indicate possibly a faulty DC controller.

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Print an internal page, if it is uniform color, it is ok. After that, the normal red lines disappear until another thick red line prints.The locations of the first thick red line are pretty much random (four engine tests yielded four different start locations), but the number of normal red lines was always nine.David With the calibration errors, this may just be the sensor is bad/dirty. Application for drilling into steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, nickel alloys, titanium alloys.I've got a two year old LJ3800dtn that is printing horizontal red lines at various places across all printouts.

Also there is image ghosting and image misplacement of the red portion of the image (see attachment).We've replaced all the toners and the transfer belt once, and then we ordered a new magenta toner from HP to verify that it wasn't an old toner. The event log is full of halftone calibration errors (54.0C & 1E.xx)dating back to Oct. The magenta lines just started showing up last week. ) David Looks like nothing made any difference; I've tried a cold reset, NVRAM reset, firm ware upgrade, and four full calibrations (once after each of the cold reset, NVRAM reset, and firm ware upgrades). Here is a little more info: As I look at the pages, the ghosting is actually the red part of the image that has been misplaced down the page.In the attached file the red portion of the image that I thought was shadowing is actually the red part of the image misplaced down the page.Also, the red horizontal lines go all the way past the edges of the page and right to the very outside edges of the transfer belt.David What happens if you print an "engine test" page?The engine test bypasses the formatter, and I wonder if you see those magenta lines with an engine test...