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DATM: DLND: DROF: DICE: DOCN: SGLC: SWAV: present day: COREv2 datm normal year forcing: dlnd modes are DLND_SNO_MODE=NULL, DLND_MODE=NULL: COREv2 drof normal year forcing: dice mode is ssmi: docn data mode: CAM: CLM: RTM: CICE: POP2: SGLC: SWAV: RCP4.5 based scenario from 2013 (control for WACCM/CARMA nuclear winter study): cam4 physics: CAM WACCM with the stratospheric black carbon CARMA model: clm4.0 physics: clm4.0 cn: prognostic cice: POP2 default: CAM: CLM: RTM: CICE: DOCN: SGLC: SWAV: 1850 to present day: -----------------------------WARNING ------------------------------------------------ The compset F_1850-PDAY_CAM5 uses complete atmospheric forcing data from observed sources up to the year 2005.Following this period it is a combination of observed sources (SST, sea ice, CO2, CH4, N2O) to present day and IPCC RCP4.5 scenario data.The page you requested could not be found on our web server.

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