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*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Are You Worried That You May Have To Be Financially Responsible For Your Aging Parents?If you don’t know what to expect as your parents grow older and you’ve never thought about what can go wrong, you Do you get along with everyone in your family? Old conflicts can rise up when aging parents start to decline in health and need help.When there is conflict in families, it can sometimes escalate to Competition for clients has always been there, but as investors age, something you might not have anticipated can happen. Competition with you for their invested assets can become an increased threat when an older client’s judgment is compromised.

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Millions of us Boomers are caring for an aging parent.

Some take Most days at I get a call from an adult child of an elder, asking me about shady dealings over a parent’s finances.

Sometimes it’s the niece, grandson, or other family member the caller is worried about.

Sometimes it’s the We have some thoughts about emerging solutions to an aging part of our population, the LGBT community.

For the longest time, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community got little other than negative press and highlighting of controversial issues. Three brothers are engaged in pitched battle over their mother’s care and how to pay for it.

Mom is severely demented and can’t care for herself independently.She had long term care A new and fast moving telephone scam is targeting taxpayers across the country. As parents age, many problems can crop up among adult siblings and sometimes with A recent survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that seven in 10 adults say they have difficulty talking to their families about who will make financial decisions on behalf of an aging family member who becomes unable Should you or shouldn’t you?The Fraud Watch Network sent out a press release detailing how thousands of victims have already lost more than million. Seems as if someone is always promoting the purchase of long term care insurance.Please caution your aging parents and others as Hello, Are you concerned about an aging loved one in the early stages of dementia? When We’re looking at something we know is painful: family conflicts. Most of us don’t want to think about getting old and needing anything like that.In our consulting practice, we often come across the problem of elders who are losing capacity for decision-making, but are not completely incapacitated. Alice, my mother in law, is blessed with a great memory and pretty good health for a woman of 91. If we ever think about it, Could this happen to you?John Pittas’ mother entered a nursing home for rehabilitation following a car crash.