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Sometimes, it appears that Dating 4 Marriage is a smooth, easy process for everyone…but you. Many marriage-minded singles find dating challenging, confusing, and even frustrating.

We don’t see enough models of successful courtship. And, we don’t know how to use courtship to develop a relationship that’s ripe and ready to blossom into a healthy, happy, loving marriage.Coaching helps you find what you need to get the dating help you need—and have a dating breakthrough!You’ll shift out of negative recurrent patterns into a productive dating process, with ease, confidence, focus and clarity.If you’re a single man, who has been dating unproductively for a long time, you may finally have met someone who seems to be right, and you may want guidance and encouragement.You may ask: Maybe you’re not getting married just yet.

Maybe you’re never getting past the early dates, sabotaging the courtship just as it starts to take direction, or gravitating towards emotionally unavailable men and women.I can help you understand what is driving these unproductive patterns, and help you break them to start successfully Dating 4 Marriage. Dating Support and Strategies for Beginners: I’m in a positive frame of mind, ready to date great prospects; yet need some encouragement, emotional support and practical guidance that’ll help me date confidently and successfully.Direction and Goal Clarification: I’ve been dating many very nice girls, dating younger women and dating older women, some for a long time.After a while though, I feel uncertain and “break up”.I keep expecting that there’ll be someone else out there more suitable who I’ll fall head over heels about.I need a dating coach to help me to be sure who I am and what I’m looking for in a spouse.