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We can help you find your soulmate simply and easily.We've already helped thousands of couples find love, friendship and a sense of real community We are a Christian dating site, run and owned by Christians. We're totally free to join and offer a whole host of features that we think will make it easier than ever to find someone else who is looking for love and who shares your beliefs.

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We'll even tell you the last time a person was on the site so that you can see just how active they are in their search.As Paul's letter to the Corinthians tells us, "Love never ends".With Only Single you can begin your search for that undying love that matches that of your faith right here, and right now. For many of us, our shoes are literally the last thing we think about on our way out on a date, but as many people will tell you in both business and dating, those shoes reveal a lot more about you than you might expect – and you can expect to be judged accordingly. View Article Six Excuses For Not Going On A Date Dating can be a funny game – you can be all excited and ready to go and then the next you’ve got cold feet.Sometimes there’s even a reason for it that you can precisely identify, whether it’s an unexpected visit by relatives which means that you’ve suddenly got too much on your plate to...

View Article We're not just any online dating site.Unlike other, more generic sites, we take the position that the best way to find someone who is truly compatible is by seeking out people with similar backgrounds and beliefs.Here at Only Single Christians.com, we promise not to waste your time with people on the other side of the country.We know that the best relationships are the ones that you can make locally, so that you can starting building your lives in the Lord together rather than merely through the screen.Here, we combine the best features of social networking with chat rooms, message boards and personal profiles.We even have a mobile phone app for you to download on your smartphone, to help you keep in touch if you're on the move.