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If they are not filled, they will be drawn such that no color is applied to the center.Default is False A flag to indicate whether the vector magnitude should be rounded when allocating barb components.

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Default is True Either a single boolean flag or an array of booleans.Single boolean indicates whether the lines and flags should point opposite to normal for all barbs.An array (which should be the same size as the other data arrays) indicates whether to flip for each individual barb. Default gives the default behavior, which returns one-sided for real data and both for complex data.‘onesided’ forces the return of a one-sided spectrum, while ‘twosided’ forces two-sided.

The number of points to which the data segment is padded when performing the FFT. The resulting arrow is affected by the axes aspect ratio and limits.While not increasing the actual resolution of the spectrum (the minimum distance between resolvable peaks), this can give more points in the plot, allowing for more detail. This may produce an arrow whose head is not square with its stem.To create an arrow whose head is square with its stem, use Autoscale the axis view to the data (toggle).Convenience method for simple axis view autoscaling.It turns autoscaling on or off, and then, if autoscaling for either axis is on, it performs the autoscaling on the specified axis or axes.A flag on whether the empty barbs (circles) that are drawn should be filled with the flag color.