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It’s easy for the competition to undercut your auctions if you’re not in-game to re-list them, for example.

And what if there’s a sudden spike in the glyph market when you’re at work, presenting a killer opportunity for you to make some serious profit by unloading your stock?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to check in with your auctions in your few down moments, whether you’re on the great porcelain throne or waiting in line at the supermarket? (This used to be a premium feature.) You can buy items, sell items, check prices, check the status of your listings and more.

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$ad.offset()=== 0) { Event('banners'); $('.Ladies and Gentlemen: Your dark, shadowy and wealthy servant, Fox Van Allen, has once again returned with news from the storied wilds of the Auction House Kingdoms.The great economic gods of the land bear witness to a great, deep battle – one that pits guildmate against guildmate; brother against sister.I speak of the battle for auction house supremacy, and it wages on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (when realms aren’t in maintenance, anyway).For many of us who live and die by the economy, the never-closing nature of the auction house (AH) presents some problems and opportunities.