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Rich Women Looking For About me / match I am a person of energy and 98% naturally happy all of the time!

I love smiling, laughing and I can make the best out of anything.

I joke around a lot and need to be around people with a cool sense of humor.

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I want to find someone that I can just be myself around and have fun with no matter what we're doing. I'm ambitious and like to plan for the future. I love anything outdoors, going new places, trying new things and foods, and laughing while doing it all! Rich Women Looking For About me / match I just want to be happy and make someone else happy. Rich Women Looking For About me / match I don't really have a type, except for someone who can make me laugh and who is kind.

Looking for someone to share experiences with and hopefully fall in like and/or love along the way.

I am pretty chill, not high maintenance, and enjoy life!

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