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They are not personal devices, they're company devices that will be docked in the workshop at the end of each day to charge. The phone is being used for skype calling only by a non technical elderly person.

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It is actually pretty trivial to make this work, all you need to do is install a correctly formatted mobile config plist over the air from a web server.

To deliver your config from the web all you have to do is direct the i Phone to a url containing the profile.

Just open the link to your .mobileconfig file in safari.

We'd like to 'lock-down' an i Phone/i Pod/i Pad so that the user can only run one app (we've developed this app internally). It's a pity this feature wasn't available a year ago -- would have saved us a bit of hassle :) - EDIT EDIT EDIT: i OS 7 now includes an 'App Lock' payload as part of the device configuration profile.

I'm guessing we'd be looking at jailbreaking, and then replacing (? From the Apple docs: "By installing an app lock payload, the device is locked to a single application until the payload is removed.

Don't forget to reboot your device :) - EDIT EDIT: brainray posted below and pointed out that there's a new feature in i OS 6 called 'guided access' that allows you to lock a device to a specific app.

You can download a copy of a mobileconfig file from the URL below, if you visit this URL on your i OS device Safari will prompt you to install the profile.

The home button is disabled, and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot."Why would you want to do this?

your more likely to create a very unhappy user by giving them a device that is so heavily crippled.

Plus the moment they come up with a good reason (and they will) to put something else on there (email, web browsing, etc), you will have wasted your effort.

I would suggest that in the long run, it would be better to pre-load the app for your users and not crippling the device. We're giving them devices to help them accomplish a very specific task and we've developed software to assist them. Been looking for something like this for my 3GS on i OS 5.