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When Janet was telling fans about her decision to drop the tour completely for the time being, she told fans that she was taking the time to start her family.

At that point, Janet didn’t admit that she currently was pregnant, and fans were pretty confused and upset about the news that they wouldn’t be seeing the music icon on stage.

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According to Katherine Jackson told Janet, “You cannot afford to wait too much longer.

I was already a grandma at your age.” According to reports, Katherine Jackson is “thrilled” to become a grandmother again.

Janet Jackson will give her mother her 28th grandchild.

Janet Jackson fans are pissed they're being denied refunds on their Unbreakable tour tickets -- even though they have no idea when or if Janet will be back.

Janet announced Wednesday she's postponing the rest of the tour because she's suddenly starting a family, but was vague about when she'd return.

Several of the venues where Janet was supposed to play tell us they haven't gotten official word the tour's been called off yet ...

and general consensus is it will go on at a later date.

Ticketmaster sent an email to ticket holders saying, until they get word about a cancellation they're treating it as postponed and rescheduled ... Even if Janet's camp rolls out new dates in the future, people who threw down hundreds for a seat are stuck waiting months, and possibly more than a year ...

Janet Jackson recently revealed that she was delaying her world tour so that she could focus on building her family.

Just weeks later, fans learned that Janet Jackson is pregnant at 49-years-old.

It turns out that it was her mother, Katherine Jackson, who encouraged Janet to get pregnant while she still could, according to the tour which she had already delayed once over a mystery illness and rumored throat surgery.