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"Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Yung Berg is taken, because the woman who claimed he beat her up has taken him back.Masika Tucker -- who told cops last month that Berg hit her, dragged her by the hair, pinned her against a wall and grabbed her by her throat -- now believes a la Rice it was totally out of character.

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Yung Berg allegedly did a real number on his girlfriend -- leaving her with nasty injuries over much of her body when they had a hotel room brawl in NYC. In the docs, Tucker says she suffered a laceration to her right forearm, a laceration above her left eyebrow, bruising to the left side of her neck, and a laceration to her chest.

He pinned me to the wall and grabbed me by my throat" -- this according to the criminal complaint obtained by TMZ.

In all, Berg was hit with four charges -- three assaults and one harassment -- but managed to avoid the "obstruction of breathing" misdemeanor ...

It’s been a while but my west coast connection has some HOT TEA for you this morning!

I initially hit her up to confirm the wild rumors that rapper The Game separated from his wife, Tiffney, because he found out she was involved in a torrid lesbian relationship with a Miami Basketball Wife who shall not be named at this time. I can’t verify it because I don’t run in the same circles as those ladies, but I would not be surprised. Love & Hip-Hop LA is premiering this fall (Sept 2014) and Miss Joie the video vixen and baby mother of Bow Wow is going to be dating Yung Berg, who I heard is a ghostwriter for Nicki Minaj.

I heard Miss Joie was a mic chaser, but damn she went from Bow Wow, to Hitboy (produced Jay-Z & Kanye’s “N***as In Paris”) and now Yung Burg!

You would think homegirl had a career like Christina Milian and needed to sex these guys for a hit record, but no she’s just a recording studio THOT!

There will be much more foolishness with this LA franchise, bigger names than the ATL and NY franchises and more personal drama among the cast.” SMH.

It turns out Sandra’s source is wrong on at least one count…

Joie has been spending some time in the recording studio. She’s definitely a come up for him if he is indeed dating her, even if only for TV appearances.

Hit the flip for more photos of the lovely lady and a cute video of her and Bow’s kid on the last page.