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Belding - return to old stomping ground in pitch-perfect reenactment of Saturday morning TV show 's Bayside High – made his pitch to Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon and Jessi and an outlaw country scion of the highest order (even though you probably shouldn't call him that).

So right then and there, in the parking lot of Ralphs, he recorded his demo.

"Shooter's manager had called me looking for another artist, and I kind of went, ' What about Shooter and I working together? "I gave him some ideas of what I usually do at karaoke, and then I sent a voice recording of me singing Kris Kristofferson's ' For the Good Times' in the Ralph's parking lot; I had to show him what I could do." Jennings' manager, Jon Hensley, also happens to be the vice president of his label, Black Country Rock, which, in recent years, has released records by the likes of porn star Ron Jeremy, pro wrestler Mick Foley and, uh, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Belding seemed like a perfect fit, so Hensley passed the recording on to Shooter, and the project was off and running.

"I had originally met him at the Roosevelt Hotel, and we've run into each other over the years.

He's always been in the periphery," Jennings says of Haskins.

"I've done weird shit with, like, Ron Jeremy before, so of course I wanted to do something with Dennis.

And, you know, I'm 35, I grew up with , one of four vinyl releases Black Country has planned for Record Store Day (it's actually coming out on BCR Los Angeles – this is a Hollywood production, after all).

Kristofferson's "Good Times" is on the A-side, though Jennings has melded it with Haskins' dramatic reinterpretation of Tom Jones' "Delilah." Because, well, ?

"When I get into my zone, I like smoking pot and sitting around, constructing the track.

So I was working on ' For the Good Times,' but I wasn't really happy with it, so I was like, ' I'm going to go to ' Delilah,' start fucking with that,'" Jennings says.