Who is paz vega dating

Serious and responsible, she tries to carry the world on her shoulders and rarely lets others know that she needs help and support.

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To others, she may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings. Her feelings and loyalties run deep, but she often does not let people know how much she cares.

Paz Vega also sometimes needs to learn to relax, enjoy herself, and play.

Vega gets a lot of emotional fulfillment through her involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, community activities, or a network of close friends who support and care for her.

Paz Vega makes friends her family, and she feels a close kinship to people who share some ideals or beliefs that she holds dear.

Paz Vega needs close relationships with people outside of her immediate family.

She is warm and affectionate in her relationships with others and has the ability to see the others' point of view, which is greatly appreciated by those around her.Paz Vega is emotionally well balanced and also has a well developed intellectual grasp.She is likely to be noted for her good looks and good taste in clothes.Paz Vega is able to attract and influence others because she is so pleasant and so sincere in her approach.Having an innate parental instinct, Vega also is strongly attached to her home and family.In love relationships, Paz Vega seeks companionship and friendship with someone who is fun loving, playful and open to adventure and new experiences.