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“I like to look nice but I don’t think too much about clothes”. Loves Indian food because “there are so many delicious “veggie” dishes”.Love life: One long relationship, ended six months ago. Perfect partner: Someone who’s kind and good to talk to, who likes both town and country life.

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“I started studying art history, but changed to fashion design”. Skiing (“I’m learning to snowboard now”), going out with friends to restaurants, bars, and clubs.

LolJust choose one • What would you do for the one you love?

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Matt 29, a climate change scientist from Balham, South London Star sign: CAPRICORN I travel a lot of my job.

I go to meeting and conferences all over the world.

It’s great for me, because I studied oceanography and environmental science at university.After university I spent a lot of time at sea on scientific research ships.Now I’m back in London, it’s much better for my social life. But I miss the sea, so, in summer, when I want to relax, I like going to the coast, and sometimes I spend the weekend camping with friends, having barbecues and diving or surfing. My perfect partner is outgoing, funny, and good to talk to. Perfect partner: Good-looking, good fun and good to talk to.It’s great to get away from the city and go to a different world. I like meeting friends, having a few beers, going to a football match. I sometimes go clubbing but not very often, and I love Indian food. She dresses nicely, but isn’t too worried about fashion. Food: Italian, French and Mc Donald’s “but only after a night out clubbing! Beth, 25 Star sign: PISCES Lives: Clapham, South London Job: Bookstore manager, “I love working with books.” Interests: reading, the theatre, art galleries, cycling (“I cycle to work”), and walking.Someone who enjoys having a good time in the city but also likes travelling, sports, and country life. Miranda, 29 Star sign: SCORPIO Lives: Camden Town, North London Job: A lawyer, loves her job, but it’s hard work so she needs to relax. “Sometimes I really need to get out of London and walk in the country”.Interests: Dancing, going to clubs, pubs, and the cinema. (“I have lots of friends.”) Visiting art galleries sometimes. Hates: “I can’t think of anything.” Clothes: Comfortable.