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And she refused to copy her mother's sexy image by turning down nude scenes in her next film Jocks (1986).She told casting directors that she was her own person when she held onto her dark locks and athletic figure, when they were expecting another blond, buxom Jayne Mansfield.

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The hour-long show deals with sex crimes and the detectives who solve these cases.Mariska played Olivia as a tough, compassionate detective, who did action scenes and her own stunt work.She reaped the rewards from the hit TV show, after struggling and studying her craft for fifteen years.He was written out of the show off-screen, with his character taking administrative leave after being forced to shoot a woman who gunned down a number of people, including two suspected of raping her mother.Since the first episode, the actress has seen her character move up the ranks from Junior Detective, to Senior Detective, to Sergeant, and eventually Lieutenant; Stabler was stuck on Senior Detective the whole time.

Mariska (Ma-rish-ka) Magdolna Hargitay was born on January 23, 1964, in Santa Monica, California.

Her parents are Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield. In June 1967, Mariska and her brothers Zoltan and Mickey Jr.

were in the back seat of a car when it was involved in the fatal accident which killed her mother. Her father remarried a stewardess named Ellen, and they raised the three children and gave them a normal childhood.

They also financially supported the children, since Jayne Mansfield's debt-ridden estate left no money for them. Her first motion picture feature was the cult favorite, Ghoulies (1984), where she gave a memorable performance as Donna.

Unlike her mother Jayne, who had changed her name, her hair color, and did nude pictorials to become a star, Mariska took a very different approach on her journey to become a star.

She rejected advice to change her name and appearance.