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Two years ago, it emerged that he had sired a daughter, Tabitha, whom he chivalrously characterised as the product of a “fleeting affair” with little-known Chinese actress Tinglan Hong.

Soon the pair were fleeting again, and in February last year, Hugh announced that they had produced a son, Felix Chang.

But before the second baby came along, the actor had switched his attentions to thirtysomething Swedish TV producer, Anna Eberstein, who, it was revealed last week, bore him a son in September 2012.

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It is possible that he doesn’t want to show favouritism, but equally likely, given his lengthy record of embroilment-avoidance, that he prefers doing his daddying from a distance. Born into a close, secure family, Hugh has frequently spoken of his longing to have children.

“Much as I adore myself,” he once told Vogue magazine, “I’m quite keen to have someone else to care about.” Ruminative by nature, much of his ruminating has been about his inability to find love or permanence, with the result that his life – now in deep middle age – is “boring to the point of embarrassment”. Yet, however gladly he sends himself up, it is hard to escape the suspicion that Britain’s most bankable actor is an authentically troubled soul.

“He is like a complete cynic, self-tortured and dark,” says Drew Barrymore, who starred with him in Music and Lyrics, yet another romcom.

during the San Sebastian Film Festival held at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre on Sunday (September 18) in San Sebastian, Spain.

Earlier in the day, the 56-year-old actor attended a photo call for the film, which is already in theaters in the US. The movie follows a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.

20+ pictures inside of Hugh Grant promoting the movie…Although Grant has never confirmed their relationship, the "Love Actually" star is reportedly dating Tinglan Hong, who's the mother of his newborn baby boy and his daughter Tabitha, born in Sept. “Everyone was right all these years, saying, ‘Hugh, why don’t you have some children? “Now that I have [a child], it is life changing,” he added. Grant was unsure whether or not he was fond of fatherhood after he welcomed his little girl, but in an interview on "The Ellen De Generes Show" in April, the actor backtracked, admitting he adores being a dad. Ten long years have passed since Hugh Grant announced his retirement from the movie business. Now I can just stop.” Like a lot of what 53-year-old Mr Grant says, this turned out to be something less than the gospel truth, and his latest effort, The Reluctant Professor, yet another romantic comedy, is due to reach our screens shortly.“This is the last film I will ever do,” he promised the fans at the London premiere of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Admittedly, things have changed in the old boy’s life, and with three “love children” to support, he perhaps needs to keep the bumbling, cod-roué screen shtick going for a little longer.Hugh’s off-set romances are clearly something else.