Who is emma forrest dating

Once I was back in New York and safely in the company of my Internet connection, I was surprised to find that the tender, eccentric GH that Forrest spends much of the book pining for was actually bad boy actor Colin Farrell.

” But I’m not her mother (who seems delightful) so I have no say in who the author does or does not date.

Forrest is clearly talented when it comes to matters not related to the heart—and “I don’t exercise every day and I don’t meditate every day, but I do think of suicide every day, as if nodding respectfully at it on my way to work.

Some days I awake with the thought of it, or am woken by it.

thin Colin Farrell has reportedly been keeping his new girlfriend hidden from the press for six whole months, and now that she’s been outed by the British tabs, we understand why.

No, not because she lacks “stereotypical movie star” looks as the informs us, nor because she can’t remember to rip those silly plastic party bracelets off after downing free booze.

It seems his “true love” is a little bit famous herself, in a Bridget Jones sort of way.Author Emma Forrest is the author of two novels, which in itself is not , Farrell and Forrest "have spent months trying to keep the relationship secret because they are falling madly in love...[Colin] has knocked the drinking on the head and is enjoying life in a completely different way.Emma has been a steadying influence." And judging by Emma's many interviews over the years, the reformed party beast is most likely spending his evenings watching Elizabeth Taylor movie marathons (Emma's idol! , I find books of this kind to feel as if they come from the same family—the way you know a peach, a plum and a nectarine are related somehow, but relish their differing flavors all the same.Forrest’s take on mental illness, loss and general malaise has a distinct and mostly pleasant taste; embittered only by her obsessive fixation on her movie star ex-boyfriend, forever referred to as “GH.” Forrest’s GH (short for Gypsy Husband) remains anonymous throughout the memoir, and since I came into this not having read any of her prior work, I knew very little about her personal life.Couple this with the fact that I read while on a plane, and I was lucky to have the rare experience of reading a book with a secret, but not being able to snap my fingers and immediately have Google solve the mystery for me.