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Combined with fellow agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker), the duo is an unstoppable scientific force that complements each other like a married couple, according to Henstridge. Henstridge: They have different disciplines, and that says a lot about their personalities. She loves getting into gruesome dead things, and that's the way she expresses herself.The 26-year-old actress, whose credits included the British soap before joining Joss Whedon's world of weird, dissects her new character with and answers some of our burning questions, including whether there's more than meets the eye to Fitz and Simmons' relationship. She enjoys the disgusting, gooey aspects of biology and the crazy things she can do with chemistry. She's fascinated by that sort of thing and isn't easily squeamish.

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Elizabeth Henstridge: She's very motivated, driven and a type-A personality. There's always going to be a possibility, I guess, because they're so close and really understand each other, but definitely for right now, I don't think you could convince either one of them that they are meant to be together romantically. I don't think she even knows that could be a good idea.

She's just intelligent and driven and doesn't apologize for it. Henstridge: My mom told me when I was super young, "If boys hate you, it means they like you, don't worry." Maybe. I love that because it just means you're in the same headspace as your character when you're playing them and you're not trying to hint at anything else that comes down the line. If anything romantic happens, I could see it happening, but I like that, for Simmons, it's not really her main priority.

Simmons isn't that great with people skills with anyone else that isn't Fitz or science-related.

academy and became a little duo very early on; that's why they have the relationship they do.

That, in their personalities, is something they argue about easily, because Simmons won't think about leaving something that died and rotted in the lab, whereas Fitz would be going around with cleaner. team has come together and everybody is on their own apart from Fitz-Simmons. We saw that they're not really field tested, so how will that be a problem in the coming episodes? So really, they could learn some skills, but as for how the team is operating right now, I don't see them being able to do crazy kung-fu moves. They're deciding whether they get a taste for that. They're not going to suddenly be these amazing fighters because that's not who they are and that's not what their passion is. Are we going to learn anything about the family she's left behind?

They're like a married couple that they can make up for each other's weaknesses and they've always got each other's backs. Henstridge: You have to train for years and be very disciplined at being able to do the field work. They've very busy in the lab fixing other problems. Henstridge: Yeah, you definitely learn as the episodes go on.Their drive and ambition definitely bonds them, but Simmons is slightly more adventurous. There's so much to explore in each other of the characters and their relationships and story arcs and each week's mission, so we're just very excited that there's so much material to dive into.Will Fitz and Simmons get a chance to shine individually? That's interesting because then you see that they've never been without each other. It's nice to get asked questions like that because I feel like it means the characters are well-rounded enough for people to care where they come from and question how they got here and why aren't they living near their families, and stuff like that.When you see them without each other, that brings a whole new dynamic just to them as characters in discovering what it's like to have to be independent because this whole S. We've now learned that Skye (Chloe Bennet) may be a traitor.What was the reaction like on set when you guys first learned that? : The Avengers get name-dropped and Nick Fury stops by It was fun to see the Nick Fury (Samuel L. Between that and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) appearing in the pilot, has set some high expectations. Henstridge: I've never felt the pressure, to be honest.Henstridge: It's life imitating art in that we are a new group of people suddenly spending all day together and getting to know each other, and the team is in that same position. " We don't get Episode 3 until a couple days before shooting, so we're filming Episode 2 not knowing what Episode 3 brings, so we're living as our characters are living it. I've felt the pressure to do a good job and leave each day like we've accomplished something special.