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Michelle didn’t name names, she did disclose on the premiere that she used to be in love with a man who helped her get a million dollar record deal but said he eventually ‘beat her a**’ and left her with nothing.”Memphitz was celebrating his anniversary in Paris when the show aired, but they don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.As Bossip reported: the music exec responded to the accusations via Instagram posting a photo of Pinocchio and saying: First of all, someone needs to tell Memphitz that telling a woman you “made” her makes you sound like a psycho, woman beater. Michelle could have let sleeping dogs lie, but her past is part of her story and she is free to talk about it. Michelle definitely took a road higher than most by skipping the opportunity to insinuate that Toya is with the same Memphitz she was.Domestic violence is serious and instead of Memphitz showing any type of remorse for what he did, he so arrogantly continues to dogg her on a public forum. But with a response like that, it’s hard to believe he’s changed very much.

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Michelle who is a singer out of Memphis, TN revealed that she scored a record deal with Jive through a man that she really loved who ended up beating the breaks off of her and didn’t stop. Michelle had a LONG relationship with Memphitz who is currently married to Toya ( who was once married to Lil Wayne ). Michelle was dating Memphitz while he was courting Toya. Michelle came to a end after she finally got tired of him beating the brakes off her every chance he got. Wright apparently never wanted that, but gave it a shot anyway.The record label knew she was being beat up but they did nothing about it and wanted her to just keep working. Allegedly Memphitz took her money to buy a house and splurged a bunch of money on courting Toya. Michelle is now supposed to be in debt after her label deal failed and she never recovered after Memphitz RAN off with all her money. Michelle went on a Twitter Rant about the relationship and Memphitz swore on his daughter that he never touched a woman. That rep would say the relationship soured (claiming K.Allegedly, the man that gave her the record deal through Jive also paid for her breast implants and bought himself jewelry with the money in her account that was supposed to go towards getting her album out. A representative for Memphitz said: The most in this case. Michelle was first signed, Memphitz enjoyed her voice, had big plans for her, and saw her as his “little sister”. Michelle was always being too negative), so eventually Memphitz told her it wasn’t going to work out. In all honesty I listened to her cry on the show and when she said “It’s Me” describing her reaction to him beating her you know that she is telling the truth.. Michelle has finally revealed the man she says she’s moving to London to be with.As previously reported the songstress said she was quitting music and moving to London to be with her boo that many suspected was Idris Elba.

Turns out her boyfriend is the British actor that she previously dated; it’s actually DJ Locksmith.

Locksmith is 1/4 of the UK producer group Rudimental UK…

and recently posted a picture of how he and K apparently exchange pleasantries that she reposted on her page.

Michelle’s accusation that Memphitz abused her while they were dating, the music executive took to Instagram and indadvertedly lended a serious amount of credibility to her story. Michelle is a singer and castmember on VH1’s new hit show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright is a music executive and just celebrated his first wedding anniversary with Toya Carter Wright (Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and the “Toya” of BET’s As we explained yesterday, “the back story is K.

used to date Memphitz before he married Toya and though K.