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Version 1.8 [24/1/09] Completed most of the quests except the UNC quests. I hope my first adventure into RPGs was a good one. Anyway, this was my first RPG guide, so I hope it was a decent effort.

Following in your parent's footsteps, you enlisted at the age of eighteen." Paragon +2 ********** *Colonist* ********** "You were born and raised on Mindoir, a small border colony in the Attican Traverse.

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Again, it will award Paragon and Renegade points based on your choice.

This will also effect how people will view you, and this will effect the conversations with several characters.

*************** *Sole Survivor* *************** "During your service, a mission you were on went horribly wrong.

__ __ _____ __ __ _ | \/ | __ _ ___ ___ | ____|/ _|/ _| ___ ___| |_ | |\/| |/ _` / __/ __| | _| | |_| |_ / _ \/ __| __| | | | | (_| \__ \__ \ | |___| _| _| __/ (__| |_ |_| |_|\__,_|___/___/ |_____|_| |_| \___|\___|\__| Author: Warfreak Version: 2.5 Date Started: 25/6/08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents [1] Introduction [1.01] Introduction [1.02] Version History [2] Background [2.01] Commander Shepard's History [2.02] Playable Classes [2.03] Squad Classes [3] Skills [3.01] Combat [3.02] Tech [3.03] Biotic [3.04] Class Skills [3.05] Unlocked Classes [3.06] Shepard Skills [4] Walkthrough [4.01] Eden Prime [4.02] The Citadel [4.03] Noveria [4.04] Liara's Dig Site [4.05] Feros [4.06] Virmire [4.07] The Citadel, Reloaded [4.08] Ilos [5] Other Missions [5.01] The Citadel [5.02] Feros [5.03] Noveria [5.04] Virmire [5.05] UNC [5.06] Bring Down the Sky [5.07] Tali [5.08] Wrex [5.09] Garrus [6] Armoury [6.01] Pistol [6.02] Assault Rifle [6.03] Shotgun [6.04] Sniper Rifle [6.05] Light Armour [6.06] Medium Armour [6.07] Heavy Armour [7] Manufacturers [7.01] Manufacturers [7.02] Weapons [7.03] Armour [7.04] Upgrades [8] Achievements [8.01] Achievements [9] Codex [9.01] Primary Codex [9.02] Secondary Codex [10] Space Map [10.01] Space Charts [A] Contact Information [B] Webmaster Information [C] Credits [D] Sites FAQ is on [E] Copyright ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.01] Introduction Welcome to my 36th FAQ, and it would be my first in the RPG genre. Version 0.7 [25/9/08] This guide isn't dead, just distracted. Version 1.2 [14/10/08] Completed more on the Noveria Planet. The next part is the character's background, their background on their childhood before they joined the Alliance Military.

This guide is for the PC version of Mass Effect, and while it will still work on the XBox 360 version, it is built on the PC version, since that is the version that I have. Version 0.5 [29/6/08] Done Chapter 3 EXCEPT for 3.05 which I need to do a bit of research on. Version 1.3 [30/10/08] Last update before a 2 week break, my exams are coming up, so I do need to prepare for that. This choice out of the three will effect a mission in the game, provide Paragon and/or Renegade points and effect how you are viewed as a character in the game.

Just bear with me though, the port to the PC makes it basically the same as the XBox version. In this game, you control Commander Shepard, the human that like in most RPGs, you have to save the world. Version 0.3 [27/6/08] Completed a third of Chapter 3. There three choices are: ******** *Spacer* ******** "Both your parents were in the Alliance Military.

But there are twists and turns along the way, so be careful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.02] Version History Version 0.1 [25/6/08] Guide Started. Your childhood was spent on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years.

Version 0.9 [7/10/08] Finished the DLC "Bring Down the Sky" pack. Version 1.1 [12/10/08] Completed the Citadel Walkthrough. If course, in the course of the game, your character will ALWAYS be called Shepard, and never by their first name.

Version 2.1 [28/1/09] Finished the Chapter 7 and 8 parts. Version 2.3 [30/1/09] Completed a small part of the secondary Codex. The default male is John, the default female is Jane, but you can change that.

Version 1.9 [25/1/09] Completed most of the UNC quests, but not done completely. Started on Manufacturers, completed Weapons, missing Armour and the Upgrades. Like other Bioware games, this doesn't really matter, but gender equality. If you choose male, you get Mark Meer to voice your Shepard and for females, you get Jennifer Hale, who does a great job. You can only change the first name, because you can't have voice actors naming every possible name on the face of the Earth.

Completed a third of the UNC quests, that leaves 19 more until all side quests are done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.01] Commander Shepard's History When you start the game, you have the option to have the game allow you to create a custom Commander Shepard. First of all, you need to select a gender for your character. For the next part, you can change the name of Shepard.