Wechat woman sex

By now i am still saying ok but on the way home already, this big boss Lin Zhen Kun will keep scare you say he will find your address by your hp number (if you got give them) and spoil your job if you don't comply with them.The girl will keep msg you to say the big boss very scary etc, don't make him angry.By now I'm too sleepy to continue with them already zzz..

In some cases, scammers insist that victims pay them through purchase cards bought at AXS machines.Victims are asked to send the scammers pictures of receipts along with the PIN to claim the credits.In other cases, victims are asked to remit money overseas, often through Western Union, or buy MOL points from 7-Eleven stores.Ok bought it, then receive a call from her boss or agent claiming need another 00 as guarantee (which he say will be returned when the girl meets you) by this Ah Feng (xiao di).Ok after 00, he will come out with new pattern asking 0 for the girl's personal quarantine, which will refund at end of day if the girl is unharmed.

When payments are made, victims may receive calls demanding for additional payments.The common excuses are: administration fees, protection fees to ensure the safety of the "girl", or extra money to outbid other potential clients.Scammers normally befriend their victims through social media platforms such as Wechat, i Around or Facebook and will communicate with them through online messaging and phone calls.To avoid becoming a victim of this scam: Got a paktor match today and a girl named 可欣 added me.She say she is a student from china currently in local uni looking for some quick cash working as escort.She arrange to meet at a place with AXS machine, where she will ask you to buy an alipay top up card (credit to their email with your hp number) as they scare police catch or what.