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We've recently moved to the suburbs from the inner-city into a 4br federation house on 800 sqm. "I think that your location speaks more to your priorities than anything else.

(My other articles about Perth are linked at the end of this.) What kind of Perth house?

We have learned about the place and I have written a bit about it.

Three have been near the city, and two in the eastern hills.

The kids love the backyard and I love spending time in it with them." "I don't want my kids growing up in a cramped house in an area where it is not safe for them to walk to school or go play in the park and I'm happy to sacrifice travelling time to give my family a safe environment and more space to live and play.

Having a large block also means we can have things like a boat and spend weekends together exploring the beautiful waterways around Sydney." "I question those with families who refuse to give up anything for their careers and I ask you what's more important - a short commute to work or the safety and happiness of your family?

" "I live in a smallish weatherboard 3 bedroom house with a great backyard in a middle-ring suburb of Sydney. I'd like a bigger house, but I wouldn't move to Nowheresville at the end of some motorway to get one.

Actually, I couldn't think of anything worse." "Most 'Mc Mansions' arent actually very big at all.

They are average sized homes on small blocks of land with little garden.

They are designed to give the illusion of being bigger than what they are.

I agree with all the comments here about the new suburbs and how ugly and sparse they are.

Some of those houses are closer together than houses in the inner west, and having the choice I would rather live in a cottage in the inner west than a Mc Mansion in Kellyville or Quackers Hill. You get out to the outer west new home development areas and from the view above it looks like a desert. Having a topiary in a tuscan pot in the front yard is NOT a garden! Beside a small number of new well built architect designed homes I think the 70's houses (architect designed, cathedral ceilings, well built, large block of land with a generous garden) are the best bet." "Modern large houses are fantastically designed compared to both the lefty luvvies favourite Federation style houses which lack light and are poorly laid out and Australia's 1940-1980's houses which were nothing to look at due to post war austerity and utilitarian facades." "They cost less money due to mass production, but this is not a bad thing.