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: November 28/68 to Mid-October/69Comments: I was a B-57 SSgt Crew Chief on Dog Row. We puddle jumped the planes to Hawaii beforefinally heading home. It"s been difficult finding info on 310th --Thank you again. : I was on tdy from Cam Rahn (12th fms) to work on electrical systems on F100's.... One of the times was particularlybad and some of the planes were hit. So the Keesler AFB trainers of the Viet Nam pilots was correct they trained the Air Forcefor the North Vietnamese! Monday 12/27/2010 am Name: Frank Carpenter Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: San Diego CAWere You At PRAB?

D/O/B-7/48 I was glad to find your web-site about PRAB and especially about the 310th ACS. Comments: I just remember that we were hit several times by rocket attacks, and possibly mortars, while I was there. After 2 months the Air Force realized there were no longer any F-100s anywhere near Phu Cat and sent me to Phan Rang where there was an abundance of huns. The base if the infois correct eventually became a T37 base that senttheir planes to support the take over of Saigonin 1975. Would like to hear from the guys in the engine shop or anyone who remembers me. : 8th TBS I worked as a crew chief on the B-57's...

If you are the owner of this guestbook, you can press the button to view this entry. I did myfour years in the AF and got out, retired from AT&T with over 30 years service. One last thing the 3rd snack bar was next to thehanger across the street from the AMS buildinghad the worst hamburgers in the world. Wednesday 12/22/2010 pm Name: tim hodge Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: conneaut oh Were You At PRAB? Rotated early when Nixon was drawing down the troops. Our section was nicknamed "Happy Valley Oxygen Company." We worked hard long hours but still managed to have a good time. 1969 Phan Rang bynumber not volume beat out Da Nang meaning we hadmore weapons dropped on us than they did and Ican testify to that in that working graveyardshift a month didn't go buy where I didn't findmyself in the bunker next to the 35 AMS building. : 12/2/69 to 11/27/70Comments: I was a SSgt assigned to the LOX (Liquid Oxygen) plant. : 21 July 1967 to 29 July 1968Jan 1971 to Nov 1971Comments: Brings back lots of lost Memories. Pjosek (PJ)Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: Moses Lake, WAWere You At PRAB? I arrived from Travis AFB, CA where I flew on C-141s and after leaving Phan Rang went to Mc Guire AFB, NJ, back on C-141s. Someoneasked the question someplace about getting hitwith rockets and mortars. Thursday 04/28/2011 pm Name: steve gentry Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Search Engine City/Country: USAWere You At PRAB? I believe the 35th wing commander was supposed to be the last to land, but one Hun, flown by Capt "Buffalo Chip" (can't remember his last name) made a high-speed pass just above the runway, much to the delight of all those of us who were out to watch the fini flight.

The "Bookie Bus Stop" had been loaded onto a flat bed and brought out to the flight line as a joke.

: Aug 70 to July 71Comments: I was there when the final "Hun" sortie landed in June or July '71.

Thursday 04/28/2011 am Name: Joe Luther Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] Referred By: Just Surfed In City/Country: Kerrville, Texas Were You At PRAB?

: 66-68Comments: Wednesday 04/13/2011 pm Name: Jack (Andy) Anderson Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: Seattle, WAWere You At PRAB?

I've also written a book about mytime in Phan Rang which will be published in Julyor August 2011. Sunday 03/27/2011 pm Name: Bob Tobener Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: San Bruno, California Were You At PRAB?

Would love to hear from myold buddies from the 8th, but don't see many ofthem signed in. Bob Tobener Saturday 03/19/2011 pm Name: Gary Mitchell Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: Worland, WY USAWere You At PRAB? I also remember there were some Australian's there with a with I think a bomber squadran. We could still get off base and go to "the strip" when I was there. Thursday 03/03/2011 am Name: Robert Grady Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Search Engine City/Country: United States Were You At PRAB? Thursday 12/30/2010 am Name: Charlie Mays Homepage: E-Mail: [email protected] By: Just Surfed In City/Country: Marietta, GAWere You At PRAB?