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Is the webcam being used by legitimate tourists, or is it being used by anonymous voyeurs?

Do you want your swim suit clad daughter/son being watched by an anonymous voyeur on the internet?

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I expect that if I or my children are in swimsuits at a hot pool that we will be seen by whomever else is at the facility. somehow, but something just isn't quite right about it and I'm not sure how to explain why I feel that way. I can see how it wouldn't be an issue to many, but it strikes me as odd Maybe the goal they are trying to accomplish is to show that people are having a good time...

If someone at the facility makes me uncomfortable for whatever reason and I don't want them watching my teenage daughter/son, I can deal with that - I'm there, they are there. We like to see if its raining snowing sunnyor what. Did you actually look at the webcams images online? The views are either too distant to see anyone close up or when zoomed in too blurry to see anything provacative. somehow, but something just isn't quite right about it and I'm not sure how to explain why I feel that way. I think it likely comes back to a kickback contract to whomever is installing/maintaining the video equipment, as well as some moronic budget expenditure by out of touch bureaucrats.

But what can you do if some pervert is watching them on the internet? Snd if anyone thinks you can't really see what is going on on the cams you should get your eyes checked.

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I am upset about the webcams at Lava Hot Springs and I want to know how other people feel about the issue of webcams broadcasting from places where the primary activities involve adults and children in swimsuits.

I'm going to stay away from addressing public webcams in general, ie of the Greenbelt, or rest stops, etc.

Imagine your daughter or son at a public pool, and some guy using a telephoto lens to take pictures of them from a distance without them seeing him do so (without their knowledge or consent). At Lava Hot Springs, I saw their webcam last night before leaving to go there, and because it showed me a crowded pool where anyone on the internet could watch the hot pool patrons, I soaked somewhere else.

From a marketing standpoint, it didn't work for me.

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