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The tenth Google I/O didn't reveal a new smartwatch for the Android Wear range but we did find out that a huge OS update, dubbed Android Wear 2.0, will be heading to your wrist this autumn.

Aimed at "staying connected to what matters," Android Wear 2.0 will have a focus on watch faces, messaging and fitness and standalone apps that should excite you, especially if you are an i Phone user.

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Rather, it will be able to communicate through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular instead of depending on a tethered phone or cloud syncing, using a Multi-APK delivery method.Most Wi-Fi enabled smartwatches can already connect up to Wi-Fi but this is a huge deal for Android Wear watch owners who also happen to have i Phones.It means you can download apps straight to the watch and should make up for the current lack of app support available when paired with Apple's smartphone.Worried about security with apps running wild on your wrist?While smartphone-paired watches use secure transfer authentication data via the Wearable Data Layer API, apps will make use of AW2.0's new input methods – more on those in a bit – for username and password entry.

The most recent Android makeover is now making its way onto Android Wear smartwatches as well. It's being specifically optimised for Wear watches, redesigning the app launcher and creating something that's more accommodating for round screens.

The way you interact with Wear has also been changed to fit in with the app launcher.

Instead of the usual left and right swipe to find your apps, pushing the side button will display them in a slight arc.

There will also be a new action drawer at the bottom of the display, providing context-specific actions similar to what you'd get on a smartphone.

Android Wear has been playing catch up with Apple's Watch OS in making its watch faces more useful.

In Wear 2.0, you'll be able to view multiple data from different third-party apps on the watch face. In fact, that's exactly what Google is calling the new watch face widgets – complications.