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It's important to be considerate when it comes to their feelings.

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If you leave your shit all over the place, you're gonna give Virgo a rough time.

A VIRGO will have all of their holiday shopping completed before Thanksgiving (or Halloween if they are really good), but they may continue to shop sporadically throughout the holiday season to secure last-minute details and take advantage of the great sales.

However, they will most certainly stop for bathroom breaks if the need arises and will abandon their task as soon as their stomach indicates that it is time for dinner.

A TAUREAN will sit down in front of his/her computer and complete all of their holiday shopping online in one sitting, as long the room temperature is adjusted exactly to their liking and they have a pint of Ben and Jerry's at arm's reach.

Although they may reemerge from the fray a bit worse for the wear, they will be carrying armfuls of shopping bags containing only the best deals...would you expect anything less?

Libra: Will not be able to make a choice and will end up riding with friends. An ARIEN will be one of the first to arrive at the mall on Black Friday and, after fighting tooth and nail for a parking space and damaging their car beyond repair, they will shove, kick, bite, scratch, and claw their way to the front of each outrageously long line.

Virgo will have it clean and neat and ready to drive everyone everywhere. No one will know what it looks like inside Sagiattrius: What car? Instead, during a typical day at the office, many Pisceans report seeing beings with long-suffering expressions on their faces and who patiently tell the Piscean to go back to his or her body.

PISCES: For some reason, our Piscean friends barely notice their near death experiences.

Once in the underworld, they bedevil the hell out of Satan and his cronies with their loud and vigorous campaigns for progressive reforms, and are quickly expelled back to the body.

Peter, the celestial choir and so on (another reason to rebel and opt for hell).

Pisces will always be too stoned to remember the partking spot. CANCER: Cancerians can live to be 125 years old, and they don't usually have near death experiences, but they can come awfully close to having a near life experience when they get brave and venture out of their house for "supplies."LEO: "Nooooooo, I am NOT dead. Ironically, Aquarian near-death experiences tend to be extremely traditional, i.e., God the Father, St.