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There are 22 currently operating colleges and universities based in the U. Four institutions chartered in other states offer degree programs at locations in Vermont.

This figure includes one research university, six master's universities, an art school, a culinary school, a law school, and a number of undergraduate associates and baccalaureate colleges.

The state's largest school is its flagship public university, the University of Vermont.

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The title of "oldest college in Vermont" is shared by three institutions.

Middlebury College was chartered in 1800 and is Vermont's oldest operating college and the first institution to grant an academic degree (1802).

Castleton University has its roots in successive institutions dating to 1787.

The University of Vermont was chartered in 1791 but did not begin instruction until 1800 or grant a degree until 1804.

Vermont's newest college is Landmark College, founded in 1984 to serve students with learning disabilities; it is also the most expensive college in the United States.

Out-of-state schools offering degree programs in Vermont must be approved by the Vermont State Board of Education, with input from the Vermont Higher Education Council, whose members include all the colleges and universities in Vermont.

His apprehension had nothing to do with farming, and everything to do with meeting someone new.

He was about to participate in an event called weed dating, a meet-up for single farmers looking for a date or a mate.

Weed dating is a variation on speed dating, in which participants meet in pairs for a few minutes, typically in a bar or restaurant, and then move on to another rapid pairing.

It was the brainchild of Jean and Wendy Palthey, who have farmed in Tunbridge for 18 years.

"We have this one young guy who works for us," Jean Palthey says, "and he's single and lives in Chelsea, and we were joking that there are not a lot of young, single people around here, so we came up with this idea." Much weeding but no weddings yet Weed dating takes place on farms among rows of sprouting produce.