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However, Nina Dobrev isn’t at all, according to a new report.

The 25-year-old actress has actually reunited with her on-onscreen love Ian Somerhalder, the report claims, and they’re keeping their relationship quiet!

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However, when they split, all eyes were on them, which was difficult for them to get through.

They apparently want to take it slow and be together behind closed doors — they’re even planning a trip to Europe to spend time together away from the cameras, the report added.

However, a source close to Ian told Hollywood exclusively that “they are not back together,” but we’re totally still hoping they will soon!

(If you haven’t yet seen the finale of , stop reading now!

) Many fans took to Twitter to speculate after Ian’s character, Damon, died on the finale.

Damon and Elena, had finally made up and reached an understanding that they were better together.Unfortunately, she had to say an extremely emotional goodbye to him when he died.So, did he leave the show to save their relationship?Since they are constantly in the media for being and on-screen and off-screen couple, many think he may be done on the show by choice. Do you think Ian chose to leave the show because it was too awkward to work with his ex, or because they’re back together and he wants to save their relationship? The Bulgarian-born actress completed her look with a red quilted leather handbag and a pair of dark shades perched on top of her glossy long, brunette locks, while letting her natural beauty shine through by going seemingly make-up free. It's going to be a lot of Travel but its so worth it - I'm so excited !!!