Validating scales and indexes

ABSTRACT: Background: Measuring cognition in clinical practice is clearly essential to the appropriate char-acterisation of patients' clinical status and to the development of a personalised care plan.The Screen for Cognitive Impairment in Psychiatry (SCIP) has been developed in order to provide a brief and accessible tool allowing the evaluation of cognitive function in psychiatric conditions.Objective: We present a validation of a French version of the SCIP.

validating scales and indexes-33

Seventy-two healthy volunteers are characterised by demographic questionnaires and a neuropsychological battery.

The French version of the SCIP is then administered on two separate occasions separated by at least a one-week interval.

Results: High internal consistencies as well as strong correlations with comparable neuropsychological tests are obtained. Conclusions: The French version of the SCIP (SCIP-F) yields results comparable to the English version.

The SCIP represents an essential tool for the preliminary evaluation of cognition.

Its characteristics , brevity and the lack of need for a technological platform, allow for its integration into clinical practice.

Further testing of SCIP-F in various psychiatric conditions will yield valuable information on its potential in clinical settings.

ABSTRACT: Background: Nurses' clinical competence is vital to ensure safe and high quality care, and the continuous assessment of nurses' clinical competence is of major concern.

A validated instrument for the self-assessment of nurses' clinical competence at different educational levels across specialties and countries is lacking.

The aim of this study was to test the reliability and construct validity of the new Professional Nurse Self-Assessment Scale (Proff Nurse SAS) questionnaire in long term and home care contexts in Norway.

The questionnaire is based on the Nordic Advanced Practice Nursing model, in which the nurse-patient relationship is central.

Methods: The study has a cross-sectional survey design.