Validating account numbers uk modulus checking

In the United Kingdom (UK), Vocalink (BACS Technology partner) provides up to date details of the modulus checking methods in use for a number of UK banks and financials institutions to validate UK Bank Account and to sort code numbers, along with the required weighting tables and sort code substitution data.An algorithm can be used along with these tables to validate the bank account.

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A modulus check will be performed during the creation and modification of the bank accounts and will aslo be applied on the importing of bank accounts through public API's.

When the bank accounts are entered, the system will now invoke a new modulus check, in addition to the existing length check (8 digits) for validating the UK bank accounts.

The modulus algorithm applied on the bank accounts depend on the bank sort codes and is part of the sort codes published by Vocalink.

The solution introduces two new concurrent programs for the load and maintenance of the modulus weights table and Sorting and Substitution data file used in the validation process.

The feature can be disabled by using a Cash Management system profile (CE: Disable Bank Validations), and is available as a downloaded patch for Release 12.1 onwards.

The algorithms, test cases and reference data can be found on the vocalink website.That site should be considered the authoritative source for the modulus checking algorithm and weighting data. To install it run the following command in the Package Manager Console This software is released under the MIT license.SORT codes are 6 digit figures that appear in the form: xx-xx-xx or xx xx xx.They are exclusive bank and branch identifiers utilized in the UK.If you happen to be sending funds or transferring funds between banking institutions, you absolutely must have your SORT code.You also require them to make a payment via wire transfer.