Updating xbox 360 console

This black console comes with wireless Internet connectivity that makes it convenient to chat with online competitors or download content.

That means points are awarded for interfaces that are clean, easy to navigate, and have a nice look about them.

Hardware is also a major factor in the testing and comparisons of the specifications and power of each console will be done to get a general idea of how well they’ll be able to play games.

Storage plays into this as well, so I will be looking at built-in storage, and how easy it is to upgrade it, along with compatibility with external drives.

It’s not just the guts, though, and the exterior design will play a small part since that’s what you’re going to have to look at whenever you decide to fire up your daily game of Call of Duty.

This includes the look and feel of the controllers.

Availability of official hardware accessories will play a small part here, as well, along with what benefits of actually coughing up the cash for them.

At the moment this only includes stuff available now, rather than what Sony and Microsoft have announced for future release.

Media options are also a very important, so I’ll be checking up on the availability of streaming apps like Netflix, Spotify and so on.

Mainstream services are the key focus here, the kind of services that have a decent level of brand awareness and a large user-base.

Having exclusive access to a service nobody uses or cares about means very little in the long run.

Bonus points will be awarded to consoles that allow you to play media from external devices (USB drives, disc etc), with points deducted for any incompatibly with certain popular formats.