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1 - Insert USB stick into PC 2 - Select 'Download' from below list for correct model 3 - Select 'Save' when dialog box appears 4 - Save all files directly to USB Stick by selecting in USB Drive 'Save As' Drop down menu 5 - Click 'Save' 6 - Remove USB stick from PC and Insert into USB on your Set Top Box, install as per Model Instruction Manual 7 - Reboot Set Top Box by turning power off and then on again 8 - Now do a factory reset, installation is now completed **If you model is not listed below, please visit here Download and copy update file to USB drive and plug it into front panel USB port on product, unplug unit from power and press and hold standby button on front panel down whilst plugging unit back into power.

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TELE System digital terrestrial receivers can be updated directly by an aerial signal.

The update is necessary to improve receiver performance and to install any new services/functions.

When available, the update is automatically detected by the receiver when in Stand-by mode (i.e.

connected to the aerial, powered but not on) during the hours established by the broadcasters that transmit it.

Otherwise, when the receiver is on, a manual update search can be run by the specific menu function (see instruction manual).

Updates are only possible if the area is adequately covered by a digital terrestrial signal and if the aerial system is suitable for reception (contact a specialist aerial installer if you have problems).The update may last more than an hour because of the size of the software being transmitted and the level or quality of the digital terrestrial signal.Above Satellite Receiver Software Upgrade suppliers include wholesale Satellite Receiver Software Upgrade, Satellite Receiver Software Upgrade from China, India & Worldwide.Back to top of the page for chinese Satellite Receiver Software Upgrade. I was in a bind when a previous supplier fell through.This website is all about satellite receiver softwares, a free resource where you can download softwares to update your satellite receiver or discuss your problems in the discussion forum.You can even subscribe for your satellite receiver and whenever we have an updated software, you will receive a notification email about the updates.