Updating oracle db using servlet

It is appropriate to use a composite view to generate pages containing display components that may be combined in a variety of ways.

As site development progresses, the actual content is substituted for these placeholders.Figure 7.17 shows a screen capture of Sun's Java Software homepage.Four regions are identified: Navigation, Search, Feature Story, and Headlines.Sophisticated Web pages present content from numerous data sources, using multiple subviews that comprise a single display page.Additionally, a variety of individuals with different skill sets contribute to the development and maintenance of these Web pages.

Instead of providing a mechanism to combine modular, atomic portions of a view into a composite whole, pages are built by embedding formatting code directly within each view.Modification to the layout of multiple views is difficult and error prone, due to the duplication of code.Use composite views that are composed of multiple atomic subviews.Each component of the template may be included dynamically into the whole and the layout of the page may be managed independently of the content.This solution provides for the creation of a composite view based on the inclusion and substitution of modular dynamic and static template fragments.It promotes the reuse of atomic portions of the view by encouraging modular design.