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Mercedes-Benz GPS Maps Need Updating Regularly As with all forms of in-car GPS devices, the Mercedes-Benz Navigation System is only as good and as reliable as the maps that are installed onto it.Contrary to the popular opinion held by many drivers, maps are not beamed down from the satellite network, purely for your car’s position, with the mapping software installed directly onto the device.Every single day of the year there are changes being made to the road networks such as new lanes, highways, intersections, and such like – and because of that, the GPS maps in a Mercedes-Benz car will never truly be up to date and current.

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These are the people who supply digital mapping solutions to the majority of GPS manufacturers and for Mercedes-Benz vehicles the new software comes packaged on a yearly Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD.

If you decide it’s time to update the maps in your car, this is how you do it with a few tips to make sure it all goes smoothly.

How to Install the 2012 Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVDAssuming that you have already purchased the Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD set for 2012 then installing the new maps is relatively straight forward, and should take you no longer than 30 minutes.

Starting with the 2015 model year, Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the COMAND navigation system receive three years of complementary dealer-installed map updates.

The combined retail price of the map updates alone is 0, making the Multi-Year Update Program the ultimate in value and convenience.

Updating your Mercedes-Benz navigation system map is an essential part of maximizing the system's benefits and performance.The latest update includes new roads, points of interest (gas stations, restaurants, ATMs), addresses, and more.With the most efficient routes available, an up-to-date map can also help you save on fuel costs.The Multi-Year Update Program makes it easy to update your navigation system map.Mercedes-Benz are one of North America’s best selling cars, with particular high volume sales attributed to the C-Class and S-Class ranges.As with most automobile manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz have given the customer the option to pay extra to get the Mercedes-Benz Navigation System installed into the dashboard when buying from the dealer, which means the driver won’t have to pay for a standalone portable navigation device from the likes of Garmin or Tom Tom (in fact, many of the in-dash units are actually developed by these companies anyway).