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p=5961719#poststop My screen turns into a garbled grey thing, even if i switch tty or reboot the X server, only if i reboot the machine i get my clean display again, i dont know what is causing this... a few updates back in time solved my problem for two weeks (i dont have another explanation for that) but it just bugged again.I really don't feel like reverting back to 8.04, so switched back to Vista for the time being :cry: I too am having the same problem. However most of the time the situation happens during a non intensive activity.Checking temperature values also doesnt show anything out of the ordinary.Furthermore, an immediate reboot (must be done by pressing the power/restart) button fixes the issue.Restarting gnome or dropping to terminal yields no results.

I can't help but feel its a ubuntu-driver issue but cant give instructions on how to consistently replicate the fault.

Any input/help wouldbe great and i'm happy to provide the output of various debugging commands. the computer doesnt "lock up" just the screen becomes this garbled mess.

You can still trigger actions (like ctrl-alt-backspace) but the display is still borked. if a decent set of debug commands could be entered it would be possible to "log to file" the output of any of these commands while the problem is present. Also, has anyone been running with the standard NV driver & compiz disabled to see if it re-occurs?

Thanks Galen Noticed this issue was also mentioned here: Laptop Overheating? I've disabled compiz (aka desktop effects) with the same result. but who wants to run their PC's without the desktop effects anyway??

:(I have the same problem on my m1710...especially with Second Life in ultra high graphics mode. how do i know what video card i have and where do i get the driver for ubuntu? but when i enabled them its when the display would start to randomly crash, and i really don't want to disable them... Nvidia X Server Settings, it will tell you the version of driver you're using. It may not be the most elegant, but it sure beats a reboot.

Looks like the v96 Nvidia driver works best for me combined with disabled desktop features..1 or 2 crashes/blurs every 12 hours. I have Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex - released in October 2008. Just close the lid of your laptop and open it back again ;) Also just notice a new beta driver 180.17 that was released December 19th containing loads of bug fixes. Otherwise I'll install this when I can and post back the results. I've installed the 180.17 beta driver on my XPS M1710 and it works.: D Aside from the occasional 1/4 second blink on the screen I've not had a major crash like before where I had to reboot. Has the new non beta 180.22 drivers from NVidia been tested? But now when i just got mad for the 300th time it came up(the annoying screen flicker..), i just closed the lid with the option "blank screen on lid close" applied and then opened and it's fine again.