Updating iphone gps

Identify your i Phone by referring to the model number found on the back of your device (A1241, A1303, A1332, A1387 etc.)IPHONE MODEL NUMBERS BY GENERATION: Original i Phone 2G: Model A1203 with a silver metal back. Here you will see the gigabytes (GB) of your i Phone.

i Phone 3G: Model A1241 with a curved plastic back and dull grey text i Phone 3GS: Model A1303 with a curved plastic back and silver foil text i Phone 4: Model A1332 (AT&T) or A1349 (Sprint/Verizon/CDMA Carrier) with a flat glass backi Phone 4S: Model A1387 with a flat glass back. NOTE: The total capacity might not be reflected correctly if you have used part of your GB capacity for files or apps already.

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