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Becky Here is one quick and easy way to update your kitchen cupboards that is also inexpensive.

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Of course, there are more expensive doors available also. Terri You can learn lots of cool techniques online for free if you do a little searching, or you could try what I did to my bedroom's stark white laminated furniture; I used permanent markers to "paint" them, then topped it off with a spray-on varnish to protect the finish.

It looks like some sort of stone if you use small, circular strokes with the marker and keep going over the same area while it's still wet.

Obviously, depending on how big your cabinets are, this could end up costing more than faux painting unless you happen to have a mate who stockpiles markers!

Home Home and Auto Home Repair Kitchens Kitchen Update I have an 80s style kitchen with white melamine cupboards and light oak trim. I can't afford to get new cupboards, so I would like to do something with paint or hardware.

I want to update the look, but I don't have a clue what to do.

Sandi Absolutely paint the cupboards, but talk with the hardware store first.I know that you have to clean the finish, and apply a primer.But it has to be a primer specific to kitchen cupboards, as does the paint, and it probably will need to be an oil base as you will need to protect from kitchen moisture.Average cost for the primer is and the paint will run about to . Another idea is to router out a center, and put in smoked plexiglass.Trim the glass on the face side of the cabinet and then paint the cupboards.This will give a more open and airy feel to the kitchen.