Updating baby cribs dating advice and tips

A crib is a necessary item in any nursery, but a convertible crib is an even more convenient and practical type of crib to use.

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Many parents, particularly first-time parents, may feel unsure about when to transition their child through each stage of bed and how to do this with the least amount of upset for the household.

By thoroughly understanding how these different beds look, how they work, and why they are appropriate for different age children, parents will feel more comfortable with the idea of moving a child from one sleep environment to the next.

First, it is important to understand each type of bed that a child may sleep in or on and picture how the convertible crib serves at each stage.

By looking for cues in a child's development, parents can determine when to make the change from one type of bed to another.

A crib is a topless crate, elevated off of the ground, with four sides, known as rails.

Two to four of the sides feature slats for visibility and air flow.The slats must be close enough together so that the child's head cannot go through the slats and become stuck.As the baby grows larger and begins to roll over on its own or flail its arms when crying, padded bumpers may be installed inside the crib to keep the baby from hitting its head or limbs against the hard rails.An infant must be placed into and taken out of the crib by a caregiver.Eventually, the child will begin pulling itself up on the rails, standing up, and walking around inside the crib.When the child starts trying to get out of the crib on its own, it is generally time to make the switch to a bed.