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For the 1005H* model and possibly others: when attempting to install Ubuntu via PXE (Netboot) you will find that only atl1and atl1are included in the of Ubuntu 9.10, which will stop you when trying to mount through NFS.

A quick workaround to this is unpacking the squashfs and initrd in casper/ and put the atl1that is included in the squashfs of casper, into initrd (a howto on creating the initrd is out of the scope of this document, I'd say). Most models of the Eee PC use an Atheros card which is not supported by default (Bug #182489).

It is supported in Intrepid using the free ath5k driver in the linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic package.

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Some (later) 9 models use a Ralink rt2860sta (this for example is the onboard wifi card used on Eee PC 1000H), which also isn't supported in the now obsolete Intrepid (8.10).Download and install the "rt2860 -" package you find here.The Intrepid installation file (.deb) is found here and a detailed how-to here.If this doesn't work try a fresh install of Ubuntu (this means reinstalling it from Live Cd or a bootable USB stick) and then install the plug-in from the link given before.(Bug #210725) The ath5k driver was removed from Ibex's 2.6.27 kernel, and moved to the backport modules.

To get wireless to work (at least for the 701), you need to install an additional package.You will need wired internet access for the following steps.Note: On a mostly-Ubuntu Eee PC with an Atheros AR928X card (as reported by lspci), I found wifi working-but-flakey after an upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10.Running lsmod showed that two wifi driver modules were loaded (ath5k and ath9k).Doing rmmod ath5k restored normal operation, and adding the ath5k module to the blacklist as described above will make the removal stick across reboots.This version of madwifi only gives intermittent Wi Fi for me - I get frequent brown-outs (no data though connection stays up) and connection failures.