Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

I do hope to simplify that massively once I leave the country though. Inspired by you, I’m now on a massive reducing drive; we’re relocating to Portugal in 1006 days (not that I’m counting! The rule of thumb for us as we got rid of things (mostly given to Goodwill and the Salvation Army) was if we hadn’t used it/ worn it in the last year, it could go.) and we’re not paying any more shipping than we really have to. Even though 1006 days is still a while (Kudos to you for such advance planning), if you gradually stick to it you’ll knock those shipping costs down to almost nothing. There is no way I’m listing everything in the boy’s toy chest… Just getting rid of three bags of clothing and shoes made it feel like it we had simplified things already.I’m interest in hearing more about your move and will be checking out your site! (I am a hospice nurse so I need a large amount of supplies on hand, they fit in 2 boxes.) I thinks its so great that you can list everything you own and the lifestyle you guys have choosen. It’s amazing how much stuff two people can collect. You’ve definitely given me something to think about…

I’ve been in my current location for a little over 7 years and I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. How long do I really need to hold onto old trophies? I too have gone out of my way to try and limit the amount of stuff I own, but I’m not going to catalog it all like this, because I don’t think it’s useful.

If your interest is in mobility, then you should do this by weight and volume, not count.

I mean, do four pens really count more than say, a piano (which isn’t on your list, but could be)?

Nearly three years ago, Courtney and I posted our first “list of everything we own” as we were downsizing and preparing to travel with our backpacks through Australia. Down to almost nothing for a while, back to a rented house full of crap in Indiana, on the road in our RV and stopping for about a year in Asheville, N.

C., before moving to our current home of Portland, Oregon, where I work for filmmaking and storytelling company Stillmotion since retiring from Man Vs. Here’s our most recent list of every item we own – with pictures courtesy of Courtney Baker.

Some items are linked to websites with more information and/or Amazon affiliate links. This list is useless if it doesn’t help inspire action.I hope this encourages you to take stock of your own possessions and find areas you can simplify.It’s not the number that matters, but rather making sure that we stay on the offensive against clutter and overwhelm!I look forward to seeing how you compress this down.I honestly cringe at the thought of listing all the junk and clutter I have collected over the years. Reply This is a very timely article for me as my partner and I are moving this week from a large condo to a much smaller apartment for the cost savings.As far as technology goes I have: 1 Home PC Surround Sound Speakers 1 Sony Viao Laptop 1 Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Macbook Pro Remote Spare Laptop Mouse Ipod Nano 8gb Samsung P1000 Digital Camera Technics 1210 Turntables Mixer Speakers for Turntables / Dj’ing I could keep on going. I’ve been gradually decluttering over the years, so even though we aren’t over run with items, I still feel like we have to many. Maybe I’ll start small with our bedroom and build up my courage as I head down the hall…. Part of the process of moving is taking an inventory of what we need and don’t need.