Updating adobe air

Adobe AIR is a computer program known as a runtime.It is necessary to have Adobe AIR on your computer to run certain applications.

When running the Fix it tool, go through the uninstall process and remove Adobe AIR from your system.

Once finished, download and install the latest version of Adobe AIR.

If you still encounter problems, you can try the AIR zapper tool for uninstalling Adobe AIR.

An Adobe AIR application requires a minimum version of Adobe AIR.

Typically, the Adobe AIR application's installation program makes sure that your computer has the correct version of Adobe AIR.

If necessary, the Adobe AIR application downloads and installs the latest version of Adobe AIR.You can check which version of Adobe AIR is installed on your computer. Typically, you want to have the latest version of Adobe AIR.To get it, follow the instructions at Download and install Adobe AIR.However, you can get an older version of Adobe AIR here.The installation program installs Adobe AIR at the following locations: The Adobe AIR installation log file can help you troubleshoot your installation problem.You can also use the log's contents if you post a question to the Adobe AIR installation issues forum.