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For the following examples I’m taking Video Lan as the main player, as it has good support (and a nice interface) to fiddle around with the various settings and is already available in RPMFusion.First of all install Now, VLC, using libbluray, should dynamically load the library if it finds it on the system and then decrypt the AACS protected content if the key for the specific disc is available.

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Do not forget to update the AACS keys and the VM dump every once in a while!

This is required if you have multiple user for the system and you want to avoid each user into maintaining its own set of keys and dumps.

After installing everything in your personal folder, you will end up with a structure like the following: $ find .config/bdplus .config/aacs | sort .config/aacs .config/aacs/.config/bdplus .config/bdplus/vm0 .config/bdplus/vm0/aes_.config/bdplus/vm0/device_discovery_1.config/bdplus/vm0/device_discovery_2.config/bdplus/vm0/device_discovery_3.config/bdplus/vm0/device_discovery_4.config/bdplus/vm0/device_discovery_5.config/bdplus/vm0/ecdsa_.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_02.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_03.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_04.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_05.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_06.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_area_07.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_.config/bdplus/vm0/.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_player_.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_player_.config/bdplus/vm0/mem_player_That’s it!

There are multiple ways that one can try to make Blu Ray decryption and playback in Linux.

Of course, after some googling and fiddling around, you can see that is quite simple even if not the different instructions are quite confused as they span across multiple iterations of software development. It is all explained here in great detail on the Blu Ray Wikipedia page, this is just an extract.

There are two different types of encryption: package) against your BD/DVD device.

This, of course, does work if you have the proper decryption keys or software installed on your system. 🙂 So, to enable decryption of the discs, you can proceed in two different ways, one using only open source software (not really, as you need anyway keys and a JVM dump of a Blu Ray Player) or going through commercial software (free at the moment while in beta).

Unfortunately none of my Blu Rays worked with open source tools on my system.

I was not even able to get the required keys with the program; so the proprietary software is my current choice.

In both cases, first of all enable the RPMFusion and the Hand Brake/Make MKV repository.

Most of the keys required can be fetched from lab DV, where you can also contribute back yours.