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The Nokia 5800's firmware page Modern electronic devices contain "firmware", which is a set of instructions and programs that tell the device how to behave.

Device manufacturers often release updated firmware versions which fix bugs and sometimes add new features.

updating a firmware to format the nokia-28

For some weird reason Nokia has decided to refer to firmware as "software", which is a bit confusing as software normally refers to computer programs in general.

However, we're going to use the word "firmware" because that's what everyone else uses when talking about the programs and instructions built into devices.

Before you update the firmware on a phone, you ought to first back up the data and settings on your phone.

It's very easy to do, and you can find out how in our tutorial on 5800 backups: How to back up data and settings on the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Probably the easiest way of updating the 5800's firmware is to use the OTA ("Over The Air") method, where the phone updates itself using its own internet connection.

The big advantage of this method is that it doesn't require a computer at all.

The 5800 supports User Data Preservation, which basically means your own settings and data are left untouched during the update process.

However, it's still a good idea to back them up before the update just to be on the safe side.

Your phone may behave strangely during the update, it may display various test screens, and you may not be able to take calls either. On the main standby screen, press the keypad dialler icon and enter the number *#0000#3. Select "Yes" and choose whichever internet access point you want to use.

The whole update process should take a few minutes. Make sure the phone has been fully charged before you start the update. Wi-Fi/WLAN connections are usually best as they're fastest, cheapest and most reliable, but you can use the phone network if you want to.5.

If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install the update If you have a computer running Microsoft Windows, you can use Nokia's Software Updater application to install firmware updates on the 5800.

This tends to replace the phone's entire firmware instead of just updating it, which takes a lot longer but can also be more reliable.