Updating 02min net marantz na7004

What's Hi-Fi gave it 5 stars but the reviews on Amazon and other forums are terrible.

Also, it doesn't seem to support DSD and at this price point I guess a lot of people are looking for that feature.Many of the complaints were due to early problems with software that have since been cleared up with recent firmware upgrades. The gapless playback issue was HUGE, especially with anyone who listens to a lot of classical music.Still not sure about 24/192 playback from USB, but that's not a problem if you have a USB to S/PDIF converter.No Wi Fi but that's easily fixed with an Wi Fi to ethernet wireless access point type box, which is cheap.

If you favor the Marantz house sound, at the current 9 price point it might just be a winner.

I'm planning on getting it just for our home/office system which is mostly headphone listening.

I have had one of these since release and the new firmware has really turned it around.

Every issue i had with it has now been resolved and its solid as a rock.

The only downside being my record collection is now collecting dust.

Hi I have had the Marantz na7004 for just over a year now and have used it exclusively with headphones as a bed side rig.