Untrue sex chat date and dash speed dating reviews

By the time I got to my search list (in Canada, only searchable by city, a problem in larger metro areas), I was already frustrated.

From what I can tell, women don't pay at Untrue, whereas the men do (see below for fees).Every time I went to look at my account and upgrade my membership, I was presented with the vague, "You are trying to access an area of the site which is unavailable."There were also live cam viewing options, as well as videos - but both forwarded me to pornographic sites related to, but not actually the dating site I was on.Live chat offers free video chatting options; at the time I went in there, 143 people were chatting from around the world, with only 6 female members, and 3 of those using a webcam.Quite a few readers have asked me to take a peek at Untrue.com, a new, very explicit, and daring adults-only dating site for married folks looking to cheat on their partners.A cursory glance told me that I'd be remiss to recommend this site to anyone, and a deeper review only confirmed my initial response - and it's likely not why you think."Bring the passion back to your life, even if you are married or in a committed relationship using our anonymous dating site.

There are thousands of cheaters looking for no-strings-attached relationships, one-night stands, or married dating."Note: Only adults welcome at Untrue.com, and even so, those not offended by very sexual or graphic images.

On almost every page I was faced with pornography, even before signing up.

Not work friendly in the least, and the coffee shop I plunked myself in while reviewing this site didn't appreciate my viewing Untrue there, either. Signing up with Untrue only takes a minute or so (email address and user name) before you have to confirm an email, and then fill in a few cursory details (what kind of relationship you want, whether you're male, female, a couple or group and which of the four you're after, and your age and location).

After that, you're free to peruse the site, and see whose local.

For Non-US members, the search options for geographical location are limited.

As well, I had numerous pop-ups by this point already, supposedly from other, very provocatively dressed female members, wanting to chat with me via video.