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If you want to establish a keyword that others can use to add to the conversation, add a hashtag.If you're commenting on an award show, for instance, you can add the hashtag that they publicize for the show (usually seen at the bottom of the screen that you're watching the broadcast on - for instance #Academy Awards).

The number of characters in your tweet is reflected in the bottom right side next to the "Tweet" button, so its easy to see how many you have left to play with. Hit the arrow which is located under and to the far left of the post that you're looking at.

Doing so will open a box in which you can enter your message.

The handle(s) of the person (or people) that you are replying to will already be posted in the message box, ensuring that it will be directed to them when you hit the "Tweet" button. Visit your profile page by clicking on your photo on the left side or at the top of your Twitter feed (on mobile there is an option called "Me" at the bottom). Read something funny or noteworthy that you’d like to retweet?

Twitter handles (those short names that begin with the "@" symbol) are displayed everywhere from television news broadcasts to articles published online.

Hashtags (terms that begin with the "#" symbol) are seen everywhere, from advertising campaigns to live events.

If you're unfamiliar with Twitter, these references can seem like a foreign language.

If you've been curious about how it works, and are interested in jumping in yourself, take a look at our quick guide below to get started. Twitter is a social networking platform which enables users to post and interact through short messages of 140 characters or less.

You can post updates on Twitter, along with photos and videos, and you can interact with others by "favoriting" a post to indicate that you like it, "retweeting" a post so that it's broadcast to your followers, or private messaging.

Twitter is available for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Here's a cheat sheet to help you get started: Ready to start sending tweets? You also have the option here to add a photo or video, insert a funny GIF from a selection provided by Twitter, share your location, or add a poll.

After signing up with the service, you'll see a box at the top right containing a feather. If you'd like to reference someone in your tweet, add their Twitter handle beginning with the "@" symbol.