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People come to the ticket desk and ask "Where's the museum? It's the original Nevada Northern Railway, complete with its original depot, engine house, freight house, and administrative building, all built in the 1910's. The good news is that it is not too late for you to live the dream. Starting at the original East Ely depot, you will be boarding the train at the same station, on the same track, and pulled by the same locomotive that Nevada Northern Railway passengers have done for over 100 years! It's several of the original Nevada Northern Railway locomotives, still in operation today. You must have wondered what it was really like to live a century ago, and actually be at the throttle of a full-size, standard-gauge steam engine heading up 3% grades, through mountain tunnels.You can be at the throttle, actually being the engineer and running a locomotive or driving a steam engine. The Nevada Northern Railway hosts a Winter Steam Spectacular photo shoot during the first two weekends in February each year.

Join the photo line this year and come away with the memories of a lifetime.The Nevadan Northern Railway has been designated by the U. Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark for its role in the industrial and immigration history of the United States.This short video introduces you to the history of the Nevadan Northern Railway, the copper industry, and White Pine County.There is some rare, original black-and-white historical footage on this video. Many of our programs and much of our behind-the-scenes work is done by volunteers. Many local residents of While Pine County help the railroad in countless ways.Volunteers perform important hand-on help with restoration, operations, and events.

Join us as Mark takes us on a brief history of riding the rails.

From the first Sheffield hand car to the modern high-rail truck to a home-built railrider, see the many ways to gild on steel rails. The Nevada Northern Railway has had several items restored by Rick and his crew at Rick's Restorations in Las Vegas, NV These TV episodes have been aired on the History Channel since 2011.

Find more about the items, and watch Rick do his magic on the Nevada Northern Railway When you visit Ely, NV, why not spend a night sleeping right in the middle of the railway's main East Ely yard?

We offer comfortable overnight accommodations in either the bunkhouse or a working caboose.

The Nevada Northern Railway has been the subject of tens of thousands of digital images.

The Railway attracts railfans, historians, and those interested in American Technology.